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Sex in America

When my husband and I recently decided to live in Los Angeles for a while, I was prepared for a few cultural and social discrepancies compared to Canada. However, having landed in a state…

How not to write a wedding speech

No doubt there are dozens of you sad sacks out there, trying your best to pen a best man speech or a toast to the bride. Trying desperately to draft something that will conjure up warm and fuzzies with the right balance of laughs and tears.

No More Labels

I remember one time referring to my now husband as my partner during a job interview, when asked if I was married. I’m a professional and felt the term “boyfriend” was a bit too juvenile…

In 2014, why do we still censor nipples?

Recently, while clicking onto my Instagram app, I was met with a stern “warning” for posting inappropriate content. Confused, I quickly scanned my feed — a mix of Vancouver sunsets, Christmas cookies I had baked, and cocktails I had consumed…the usual — but I did notice one image was missing.

The Art of an Open Relationship

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘open relationship’ or ‘open marriage’. A mutual agreement between partners that enables each party to pursue sexual encounters outside of their relationship. A trend that possibly emerged during the swinging 60s…