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Twenty Fifteen

How on earth did we get here again so fast? Twenty fifteen feels like a beautiful, life-bending blur. So many new places, new people and experiences to fuel a lifetime of tall tales to share.

Vancouver to Venice

At what point does home not really feel like home anymore? I remember when home was a place I longed for during extended trips abroad or something I marvelled at when I returned, a little more worldly…

Late Bloomer

I didn’t have boobs until I reached my 30s. Not really, anyway. My mom always told me to cherish my minimal cup size because before I know it, poof, cleavage will abound. While I’m not spilling out of my top…

Twenty Fourteen

It’s been a wild year, folks. I can’t say I’ve ever worked harder than I did in 2014. But it’s been a ball with only mild sleep depravation and co-dependent booze consumption.

In 2014, why do we still censor nipples?

Recently, while clicking onto my Instagram app, I was met with a stern “warning” for posting inappropriate content. Confused, I quickly scanned my feed — a mix of Vancouver sunsets, Christmas cookies I had baked, and cocktails I had consumed…the usual — but I did notice one image was missing.


Landing on the latter side of your 30s is a funny thing. Four years from 40? REALLY? On one hand it feels like a big number as there are some things I simply cannot do anymore…