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Christmas Cocktail Hack

With three days left until Christmas Eve, you’ve probably consumed more alcohol and refined sugar to fuel your party engine well into 2015. And that’s okay because tis the season, and you’ve worked hard this year, and no one likes a party pooper…

Guilt-Free Avocado Alfredo

My husband and I have a pretty healthy rotation of meals in our dinner repertoire, so I’m always looking for ways to transform something healthy into something sinful. I originally stumbled across the idea for avocado alfredo…

Drinking in London

London is one of my favorite places to play on the planet. Every time I travel to Europe, or anywhere in the vicinity, I try to squeeze in a detour to soak in a bit of the energy. And while Londontown is teeming with fine eateries, it’s the drinking that sets it worlds apart from most North American cities.

Holiday Cocktail: Merry Mimosas

A few weeks ago, while sitting at the bar at the Tasting Room in Seattle, I discovered a delicious holiday sipper worth sharing. While I slowly moved through a flight of Washington wines, the fellow sitting next to me ordered a Merry Mimosa. Being somewhat of a mimosa connoisseur, I asked what the ingredients were…

Finally Something French in Yaletown

Caché Bistro, located on Hamilton @ Drake on the edge of Yaletown, continues to win me over every time I dine there. The sultry red interior has a Moulin Rouge vibe and the servers are attentive and playful (ask to sit in Adam’s section, if you can).

Eating in Paris

During a recent jaunt to the City of Lights, I allowed myself to do something I had never done before during a trip to Paris…access to the internet. I’m not big on being connected while I travel and I love to discover charming cafes and romantic restos on my own. This time around I decided to do some research.